What to choose, Video SDK or Meeting SDK for my app?

Hello, I’m astonished to see how many developer products you have made available. On the other hand the number of these makes my choice difficult - I simply cannot see how and where I should start. I thought that the easiest would be asking your staff about it as I cannot find useful resources.

I wrote a Mac app in Objective-C which simply shows media, video, text, documents and even live streaming using VLC SDK as full screen on a second monitor - a big screen - in a conference hall, making easier to control what to show from the first monitor.

As in this conference hall Zoom is the standard solution in order to transmit the scene and shared media to participants at home, I would like to integrate Zoom into my app with the purpose to show Zoom spotlight in the hall’s second monitor. Only showing video - no audio, no participant list, nothing more.

In other words: Zoom is up and running in the first monitor, I would like to show the meeting’s spotlight in the second monitor in full screen, without fiddling with windows (the actual solution is to open a separate spotlight window and move it from the first monitor over to the second one, which is not really handy).

Is Video or Meeting SDK the right SDK for this purpose? But first of all, is it possible to accomplish my idea?
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@giuggio Hope you will be fine.

It will totally depends on your requirements but here is the comparison of Video SDK vs Meeting SDK

Thanks for the reply, @freelancer.nak

@giuggio Welcome & Thanks.

Any query still please ask.