Which one is the best choice for us, meeting sdk or video sdk?

Hi Zoom Developer Team,
Let me introduce my self first, my name is Bayu Ahmad. I currently using meeting sdk with pro plan. Then my team consider to move using video sdk. But we need to confirm it to zoom team and we need some suggestions which one the best choice and implementation?

Our application is about teleconsultation between doctor (currently with web) and patient (currently with mobile app) and the flow will look like this:

  • App user provides some basic user information and choose consultation method (live chat / video call)

  • The app user can cancel the appointment request anytime throughout the process as long as the consultation has not been started by the operator.

  • video call time = 15 m

  • If the app user encounters some technical problem before the 5th minute, the app user can re-enter the room with the chat remaining time as 5 minutes.

  • If the app user encounters some technical problem after the 5th minute, the app user can re-enter the room with the exact remaining time.

  • The app user will receive a reminder when the video call consultation time is left with 10 & 5 minutes.

  • The app user can view web user decision making after consultation

  • The app user will be placed in a waiting queue if web user is not available

  • The app user can reschedule if queue is too long

  • The web user receive call appointment request

  • The web user start call and receive notification if consultation time is left with 10 & 5 min

  • The web user can provide decision making options and the decision making will be displayed to the app user

My questions is:

  1. If we use video sdk, then our backend need to provide by ourself APIs something similiar to create sessions like zoom provides the meeting sdk to create meetings? or zoom also provide it to us?

  2. If we still use the meeting sdk, then can we remove zoom logo / watermark that tell user we use zoom technology (for privacy concern) when user is using it? Or the video sdk is just the only option to do that?

  3. If we still use the meeting sdk, is it allowed to create multiple users for host multiple meeting at the same time in a case, is it legal as we just use one license?

  4. Any suggestions for us which one is the best solution to choose between both as I shared our application flow above?

  5. I read that video sdk is more customizable for developers, but can we do the same if we’re still using meeting sdk? Could you give us some examples of cases that meeting sdk cannot be custom and the solution is only the video sdk?

Thank you for your help.
Best regards,

Bayu Ahmad

Hey @bayuaslamaa

Thanks for reaching out! I’m happy to help here.

Yes, we do provide a Video SDK API. Please see this link for more information:


The most recent versions of the Meeting SDK don’t have a watermark by default.

You can create multiple users with a “Free with Credit Card Plan” but those free hosts would be limited per our documentation on User Types. However, you would have to contend with host licensing when using a meeting SDK.

I think you would be able to accomplish this with either but because you have a well-defined custom flow that you’re looking for I think the Video SDK will be the best tool for your project.

The meeting SDK is essentially the Zoom UI embedded into your application whereas the Video SDK is just the audio/video data. Due to this, it’s easier to integrate with your project and also customize a UI around.

If you need something else than specifically a Zoom meeting the Video SDK is often a good option.

I hope that helps!

Hey @MaxM,

Thank you for answering these question. I want to try implement video SDK with trial account, then I found the example for iOS is still using obj-c, but my iOS app is using Swift. Could you help me where can I get the example to implement it in Swift? Because I cannot find it clear in ios video sdk documentation.

Best Regards,

Hi, @bayuaslamaa,

Yes, our iOS vSDK does support swift, please see an example [here] and you can get access to our current sample app via Marketplace, here is our guide on that.(Render a user's video). However, we currently do not have a sample app using Swift at this time. This is a common request that our team will look to implement in the future. To stay up-to-date with any new or upcoming features, be sure to follow our changelog and upcoming changes pages.


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