What to do to Server-to-Server OAuth app for "Published OAuth apps only"

I received an email with the subject “Published OAuth apps only.” I currently have a Server-to-Server OAuth app activated with its “Intend to publish” setting marked as “No.” Do I need to take any action in response to this email?

I haven’t been able to locate an option to set this app as published. Given that it’s a Server-to-Server OAuth app, I believe there’s no need to publish it. Am I correct in assuming that no further action is required on my part?

Anyone? Need to confirm this ASAP :pray:

Hi @ivan5
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
If you do not have any Published Oauth apps, please feel free to disregard that email.

You are correct, there is no need to publish a Server-to-Server Oauth app, since those apps are supposed to be used for internal purposes.

Hope this helps,

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