Change scopes for OAuth server-to-server app created by coworker

How do I edit the scopes for a Server-to-Server OAuth app that my coworker created? I can see the app when I go to “Apps on Account” at App Marketplace (I can provide the exact link to the app via DM, but it isn’t public). But I can’t manage the scopes. It’s important that not only one person has the ability to edit scopes for this server-to-server app. When I click on “Current Users” for the app, it only has the user who created the app. How can I also become a subscriber to the app?

How To Reproduce
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Hmm I think just having another account admin create a Server-to-Server OAuth app and then I can’t edit/manage it except for the option to disable it.

Hi @emk
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to manage scopes in a Server to Server Oauth app that was created by other users.

Even though it is an admin level app, it belongs to the user who created it and they are the only ones that can edit and manage scopes

Thanks for the response @elisa.zoom. Are there plans to make it so that other users could manage scopes for Server to Server OAuth apps? With the deprecation of JWT apps in favor of OAuth and Server to Server OAuth apps it seems important that an app we use in production can be managed by more than one person.

Hi @emk
I have not heard anything about that.
Even though the app is admin level, it belongs to the users that created it

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