How to activate Server-to-Server OAuth App

“enable the Server-to-Server OAuth app role. In the Zoom web portal, the administrator must go to User Management > Roles > Role Settings > Advanced features and select the View and Edit check boxes for Server-to-Server OAuth app .”
I couldn’t find the Advanced Features in Role setting
pls advise

Hello @km.chong can you please let me know what type of account is being used?

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Mr Kwaku

Thanks, your replied to me.

I have settled and activated the Server-to-Server OAuth apps with assistance of Mr Jave V of Zoom Support yesterday

However, I’ve few questions appreciate your advise as below:

Mr Jave V has sent me the link on guidance and recommended me to watch the Youtube video regarding this:

However, based on the video there are portion on technical related to programming which was too technical for me to proceed further.

Therefore, he replied to me said that:

“You do not have to do this if you will not use the server-to-server Oauth for your meetings”
As such, what does this statement means? And In what circumstances will use Server-to-Server meeting?

I thought was to ease of developer to access on token instead via JWT


Hello @km.chong you can use it either way you can create a server to server app that creates meetings on behalf of your user or you can create one solely for generating tokens to do other functions in your environment.

Regards, Kwaku

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