What type of SDK should be used this kinds of customization

Is it possible to make a custom design with remote video and local video without using zoom default video call screen?
For example in android and iOS application:
In design , only remote video stream (Full screen) and local video streaming (small fixed size)
Also audio and video control function will also be done using button press in that layout.

For this type of screen, Is it possible using meeting SDK ?
For this kind of design which SDK type is require?


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Hi @sndasnsu ,

For your requirement, you might want to take a look at Video SDK, which allows you to do full UI customisation

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@chunsiong.tan Thank you for reply.
is any way to use video SDK for R&D purpose without paid.
It will be helpful for us. If video SDK fulfil our requirement we will go for paid service.


Video SDK gives you first 10,000 mins per month at no charge

Thank you very much.

Hi @sndasnsu,

In addition to the Video SDK mentioned here, our Meeting SDK has support for custom UI mode. For more information on the differences between these two approaches, see our Comparing Zoom SDKs documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:


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