Where to download the fully customizable video sdk demo?


Where do I download the sample project referenced here:


Hi @joek, thanks for using our SDK.

When you download the SDK package, the sample app project will be included in the download.

Instructions on how to download the SDK package can be found here.


Hi Jon,

I can only find the MobileRTC samples. Are there any direct links?


Hi @joek,

At the moment, you are required to use a separate account for the Fully Customizable SDK if you already have the Client SDK on your developer account.

Additionally, have you already signed up for the FC SDK through this page?


I did sign up. Is there a way to reset my existing developer account to use the other one?

Hey @joek,

Jon is currently out, so I will be taking over this thread until he returns.
Yes, this is possible, but you can only have one billing subscription per account.
If you would like to do this, please contact us at developersupport@zoom.us and we will hand you off to the billing team.


Not sure I have this correctly. I have create a new account, creating a new user is under my business account is not sufficient?

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Hi @joek,

If you navigate to here with your account, is there an SDK app present? If so, this account cannot be used for the Fully Customizable SDK, so you would need to create a separate account for it.

If you have other apps present, but none of them are SDK apps, you are all set to add the SDK to that account.

Additionally, if you are uncertain, you can take a screenshot of that page and I will be happy to assess whether or not you have an SDK app on your account. :slightly_smiling_face: