What values shall we expect for currency symbol in call_logs.charge and how to interpret it?

For the app we are developing we are receiving values for call_logs.charge as “$1.99” or “$0.580000098”. It is unclear if that us USD or NZD or something else. Given the customer is based in New Zealand we assume it is NZD, but how can we find out for sure? Also if another customer of ours would be based in let’s say the UK would £ sign come through?

The API documentation doesn’t talk about this unfortunately. It just says it is a string value. It would be great if a clarification could be added, so we would know how to interpret the value.

For the future maybe it would be even better to use ISO 4217 currency codes and/or strip out the currency symbol/code into a separate field.

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @jvmdsl ,

Good question! I’ll look into this further and get back to you.


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Hi @jvmdsl ,

The default is USD: if (StringUtils.isBlank(currency)) return DEFAULT_CURRENCY.get(“USD”).

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Hi Gianni,

Thank you for checking that for us, that is very helpful. Is there a way we can change that default currency to match the invoicing currency?

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Hey @jvmdsl,

If you navigate to the Billing Information page in your web portal, are you able to change the currency there to affect the API response you’re seeing?