Call logs vs web interface reports

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I am comparing the call logs from API and the report export Phone System → Charge → Calls
For the same date the reports do not match.

Both reports should show the history of calls for users.
How are they different?
What data is correct?

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
2. Authentication method or app type
Server-to-Server OAuth
3. Any errors
only small percentage of CalleeNumber matching the To column from the web interface Charge Calls report.

@sergey.dirin , can you please share screenshots of what you’re comparing with sensitive information obscured?

I am making an API call:
In return I get a list of calls for all users.
If for example I filter the result for just one name I get 36 calls from that user.
It will be all obscured because it has names and phone numbers.
To check that information I go to the Reporting → Phone System → Charge → Calls
system doesn’t allow me to upload a screenshot of the report page
Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.
For the same date 2022-09-19
In result for the user with 36 calls from API calls I get one call from here.

The one call from the web interface is showing at 9/21/2022 1:49:40 PM.
The call to the same phone number from API is showing at 9/21/2022 8:48:16 PM along with 35 other calls.

I suspect that this happens because of the difference in time zones between the API call and my settings for the web interface.

May I please ask to confirm my suspicion and show me how to request the API data for a specific time zone, or show me what is the reason for this discrepancy.

Let me know if additional information is needed.

6 days passed since my response. May I ask for the update on this issue?