Looking for high level pointers to get started

I have a PC-based collaboration application (XYZ) that is shared via Zoom meetings. I have some ideas for integrating the application with Zoom chat. XYZ already does REST with other apps, so I can handle the technology.

I’m looking for starting points to research some specific initial functions of interest:

  • Generate a Zoom meeting from XYZ (with an existing Zoom Pro account)
  • Link the XYZ application to an existing Zoom meeting, to access that meeting’s chat
  • Send messages to the Zoom chat for that meeting
  • Receive messages from Zoom chat for that meeting

Just hoping to get guidance on where to start in the Zoom API topics, to accelerate that part of the journey.


Hi @jbj
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!

Could you please clarify if you already have an integration with Zoom and if so, what app type this integration is? Is this an OAuth? Server to Server Oauth?

Now, unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that will allow you to send messages to a chat during the meeting (in meeting chat).

Would you like to share more specifics of what you are trying to accomplish so I can guide you better?