What's the best practice for changing meeting host if I have 50 users?

We have three servers Jack, Jill and Joe. They deal with customers in video-meetings. They work in one venue dealing with a specific queue. There are other queues in the venue with other servers, and the total number of them is 50.

Now customer Bob is booked for an appointment which was scheduled with Jack. On the morning of the appointment Jack phones in sick, his manager then changes the appointment to another person who is available (Jill). The customer has already been sent the link to join so we don’t want to change by cancelling and recreating the meeting.

If I followed your documentation correctly, I understand that to change the host of a zoom meeting via JWT app I need to set up a scheduler role for each server. So in our case of 50 servers, I would have to set 49 schedulers for each.

This way I can reassign the original meeting freely between all servers.

Is there a way for us to change the Zoom meeting host in another way that doesn’t require this scheduling permissions approach? There’s a lot of legwork to get this set up and maintain.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @mac, this is correct. You will need to assign scheduling permission to each user in order to allow them to assign a meeting they are currently hosting to a new user.

You can also assign someone as an alternate host in the Update Meeting API. In the event that Jack’s meeting needs to be reassigned, Jill can be added as an alternative host.

PATCH /meetings/{meetingId}

  "settings": {
    "alternative_hosts": "jill@her-email.com" // could also be userID
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