What's up with the V1 API

What what I understand the V1 API reached end of life a month ago in April. But it looks like it’s still up as I did get a request through. Does anyone know what the exact end-of-life plant is? Is it up but not supported? Will it ever be taken offline? Did the end-of-life plan for V1 get pushed out

We build a product that interfaces with Zoom. It currently had code to use either API but I really want to rip the V1 code out and through it away. I just worry one of our customers might still be configured to the use the V1 API.

I did some searching and found an article that said V1 was going offline at April 26 so I posted the question above. But since then, I found yet another article and this one says May 31. So, I guess I should assume May 31 is the firm drop dead date for V1 API. Sound correct?

Hey @kkoellner,

Correct, May 31st is the firm drop dead date.