Zoom Developer - Zoom API authentication

Hello - I am trying to automate a task where i need to fetch a list of users with the help of Zoom API - However the only way i can get the authentication done is by getting a JWT Access token but the integration software being used to automate the task does not support any programming language and has its own scripting language for which there is no JWT library to generate an access token. I also tried authenticating with OAuth but the access is limited. Is there a way i can authenticate or something that could be suggested to access the API without using JWT… 

Hello Cephas,

Thanks for considering Zoom for your API Integrations. Right now our current V2 API only using JWT for authentication.

Our V1 API uses Key and Secret, however the V1 API will end by November 2018. https://zoom.github.io/api-v1/?javascript#introduction


As of now i have used APIv1 - when you say V1 API will end by November does that mean it will stop working and whatever pocess have been automated using V1 will not work anymore?

Hi Cephas, 

 V1 API will continue to work but we will stop supporting V1 after November 2018.