When adding a new IM_group via REST, it does not appear in the client


After successfully creating a new im_group and adding me as a user, the group does not appear in the zoom chat client. What am I missing?

GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/im/groups/:groupId

"id": "YLXxu-HASV6-XXYYZZ",
"name": "New Group 2",
"total_members": 1,
"type": "normal",
"search_by_domain": true,
"search_by_account": true,
"search_by_ma_account": true

GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/im/groups/:groupId/members

"page_count": 1,
"page_number": 1,
"page_size": 30,
"total_records": 1,
"members": [
        "id": "YmsL4bJ0QPGua9-XXYYZZ",
        "email": "bernd.gewehr(at)voessing.de",
        "first_name": "Bernd",
        "last_name": "Gewehr",
        "type": 2


I have no clue on how to retrieve the IM_group jid for one of these groups to e. g. send a message to it.


Hi @Bernd_Gewehr,

We apologize for any confusion but our IM Group API are for creating IM management directories which is separate from the actual IM chats that you’re looking to create within the Client.

We are working on developing new APIs for IM Chats to appear in the client and should be ready for our January release.