Zoom LTI not populating SAML mapped groups

We are using SAML response to put our users (Staff and Students) in two separate IM groups.
This works fine when the users logs in at our zoom address http://lnu-se.zoom.us, their account is created and the end up in the correct IM group.
But when not having a Zoom account with us and logging in to Zoom for the first time via the Zoom LTI in our Moodle LMS, the account is created but the user is not mapped to any IM group.

No error message

Which App?
Zoom LTI

Hi @peter.diedrichs,

I appreciate the context, and you ask a great question. Happy to clarify.

In this particular instance, since these students/staff who didn’t previously have a Zoom account are having one created upon first login, my recommendation would be to utilize this endpoint to add them to the appropriate existing IM group (after their account is provisioned):

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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