POST /im/groups/{groupId}/members not adding members


When using the POST /im/groups/{groupId}/members members do not get added to the IM Group.

There are no errors returned. Return is a 201 with the following:

I am using 2 API’s to add my members to a User Group and an IM Group.
The payload for both the API calls is exactly the same. The call to add to the User Group works fine, but not the call to the IM Group.

An example of my payload…payload works with POST /groups/{groupId}/members

‘members’: [

Cant work out where the issue lies.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @zaheer.khan,

Can you DM me the exact request & response payload along with developer email for marketplace?

Hi @Michael_Purnell,

DM sent.

Thanks @zaheer.khan,

@Michael_Purnell will take care of you!


We are having this EXACT issue. Do you know if there was a fix made for this?

Specifically, our calls in using our token work great.

The same exact call from our code is made, results in a 201 RESPONSE from Zoom API, has an added_at date in the response, but no IDs in the response, and the member is not added to the group. We are using e-mail address only of a licensed user in the request.

@Michael_Purnell @tommy
Is there something we have configured incorrectly on our side that would cause this kind of issue?

Thank you!


Hey @AAhmedPerdoceo,

If it is working when making a test request in our docs, then the issue is most likely in your code.

Log your request body JSON in your code to make sure it matches with what you are sending on the test request using our docs.


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