When does actually the message pop-up for permission to access Zoom Data

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I am developing a service in java to access Zoom Dashboard APIs to access Zoom Room meeting Metrics. This is a backend service in cloud and accesses this data once in 24 hours for all our tenants/customers, who have zoom rooms. It is doing OAUTH2 for Zoom authentication and will have account-level access/scope. OAUTH authentication says that it will display a message box for “OAUTH is requesting access to your zoom account”.
When does this gets displayed and who sees it. The tenants are not installing our service. We are installing in our cloud.

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Hi @amanchan,

This authorization message will appear to end users who follow the OAuth App’s authorization URL (install URL) to authorize the app. When clicked, they’ll be directed to an authorize page where they click agree. Then they’re redirected to your app’s redirect_url.

If you won’t have end users to authorize, you will need to consider using JWT authorization:


We do not have end users. The application is just accessing data only for Zoom Rooms and meetings held in Zoom Rooms for the tenants. Will JWT authentication suffice? I was told by one of Zoom Developers that we must use OAUTH and not JWT.

To further clarify, our application/service will be in cloud and will download data about meetings held in Zoom Rooms of all our tenants, once a day.


You should be able to retrieve this information with JWT authorization. Have you tried making some test requests to the endpoints you’re interested in?


Thanks @will.zoom, I tried with JWT, it does work and I get all the data. I just wanted to make sure that I am using right kind of authentication (JWT vs OAUTH2).

Hi @amanchan,

If you’re building a backend integration without any end user interaction, JWT would be the recommended method.

OAuth would only be necessary if you wished to have users external to your Zoom account authorize your integration so that you could call our APIs on their behalf.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

It seems that we will have users external to our account. We have tenants, who are owners/admins of their zoom rooms. Our back-end application in cloud, should have access to their meeting data. Though, each tenant will be able to see their own data only, our application should have access to every tenant’s data. Will JWT work in this case? or do we need to use OAUTH?

Hi @will.zoom ,

The typical scenario is:
We will have tenant(s) e.g., ABC Inc who will have either existing Zoom Rooms or will get new Zoom Rooms. Once Administrator of ABC Inc register with our application in cloud, our application should be able to see the meeting data and QoS Data about meetings in those rooms, at regular intervals.
Does our application have to use OAUTH to access this data?
If yes, when, where (on which device) and who sees the message to give permission to access this data?


Hey @amanchan,

If you plan to integrate with accounts external to yours, you’ll want to use an OAuth App.

However, if you had an ISV Plan you could create sub-accounts to effectively resell. From there, you could use a JWT App to manage those sub-accounts.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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