Where do I find Zoom SDK Usage Terms?

Here: https://zoom.us/service I found terms that apparently apply to ZOOM MARKETPLACE AND DEVELOPERS TERMS OF SERVICE only.

You can use Services to do a number of things, such as: develop integrations to connect other tools to or build packaged solutions for Zoom, create chatbots, manage Zoom services programmatically, embed Zoom in your desktop, web or mobile application, and more. You can submit your Apps in the Site for Zoom’s review and brief testing for compatibility with Zoom, and if approved by Zoom, listing at the Zoom Marketplace.

The link * Zoom API License and Terms of Use leads to a website that doesn’t exist. Where can I find the Usage term for the Zoom SDK?

The link works for me when I signed in. Try https://zoom.us/service and click the Zoom API License and Terms of Use on the left menu. Hope that helps!

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Hi @tmiskiew,

Thanks for the post. Please have a try to visit the link after login. And you could also see the SDK license agreement in each SDK package: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/blob/master/LICENSE.md


Thank you, that was the missing link. Thank you @Carson_Chen I don’t know why Apple makes life so hard but they somehow accepted what we sent them!

Glad to hear that! If they need any other information, please let us know. Thanks! :slight_smile: