Where is Zoom Scim2 Api?


In the document which link https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/zoom-app-marketplace/permissions

I am confused about where is the api documentation for scim2 ?

Where SCIM2 Api Document?

Hi @say.liu,

Our SCIM APIs are actually available, we’ll reach out to one of our Engineers so that we can provide the correct documentation shortly.



@Michael_Purnell, Is SCIM API ready? I urgently need to use



Hi @say.liu,

Apologies, our engineers were backed up for a couple weeks.
However, I followed up with them they’ve committed to refactoring and publishing the SCIM documentation by end of this week. Once it’s published, we’ll respond back with the link.

Thank you for your patience.


Ok, Thank you, then I will try again next week


@Michael_Purnell ,
Do you have a SCIM API document published?