Where to start - api to client?

I am trying to determine how to be able to access and control information about a logged in user. I’d like to enable control of audio/video/join/leave/share/reaction through an API (via the local client or via zoom servers). I’m hoping this already exists… as I’d like to build a plugin for Stream Decks and other physical hardware (like custom keyboards and status lights) to access and interact with that api.

API Endpoint/s?
This is actually what I’m hoping that I can get context on… I’m new here. Would love it if folks were gentle. :slight_smile:

Additional context
All of the solutions that I’ve seen so far are either licensed very strictly and/or are using extremely creative mechanisms to determine status and interact with the zoom client. Any pointers are where I could start or where something already exists would be great!

Anyone have any tips/tricks/starting points for what I’m trying to accomplish? I’m trying to avoid kludging things and reading/clicking menus.

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