Where to start when developing with Zoom

Hello everyone! I am absolutely new to this and actually in the deep side. I have an ASP_NET Web Forms system that I have to adapt to work with Zoom. The implementation should be simple as follow:

The current users logged into the ASP_NET system should click a link. They should be taken to a Zoom meeting without having to login to that meeting. The ASP_NET system should give them Zoom names and it should not be necessary for them to wait in a waiting room. Other users outside the ASP_NET system will have to be placed in a meeting room or should be excluded. I have to know that they actually were able to enter the Zoom meeting. In essence, this is it.

Now, which API to use? I am so unfamiliar with this! If you could give me quick guidelines where to start I would really appreciate that!

Thank you so much!


Hi @Systellence,

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Most likely, you will want to use a combination of our APIs (for creating and scheduling live meetings) and our Web SDK (for embedding the Zoom Meeting/video experience on your site/app). Details on both of these further below.

API and SDK Overview

We offer both APIs and SDKs for you to consider when planning an integration/implementing in an application. You may find the below information helpful for your web developer.

Here are some APIs which you can consider using within your application:
Create Meetings: To create a meeting (including instant meetings)
List Meetings: To Display the schedule Meetings
Retrieve Meeting: To get a specific meeting

We also have a Web SDK that you can consider integrating into your website:

Sample App—Getting Started:

You can download our latest sample app for our Web SDK from the link above.

Getting Started, Getting Access

To get started, you’ll need to create a JWT app to generate your credentials for authorization.

If you want to test out our API endpoints, the quickest way to generate credentials is to create a JWT app and generate your credentials:

Once you have a JWT app created under your account, you can follow these steps to retrieve the token to authenticate your requests with:

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace while logged in to the account that is associated with your JWT app
  2. Once logged in, click on your JWT App from the Manage page
  3. From your App’s page, click on the App Credentials tab:
  4. ​
  5. Click on the View JWT Token dropdown
  6. Copy this token and use this to authenticate your requests (auth type: “Bearer Token”)

I hope this helps get you started!


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