Beginner - Integrating a Zoom Meeting in a Web App

Good day,

I made progress with the Zoom REST API and can create meetings etc. I have spent a lot of time to also familiarize myself with the Web Client API but it is really difficult as the demo is not working.

I want to create an ASP.NET web application and then it should be possible to have a Zoom meeting within that application.

I used the CDN sample but really do not know on how to get it working. It seems that the documentation or sample code is scarce.

Within my web application I only want to allow registrants who is part of a group so I need to control things like that.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks for a super platform,

Kind regards,

Jaco Pretorius

Hi @Systellence,

Thanks for reaching out — as a first step, I might recommend checking out this getting started post:

This details which APIs to use and shares our available sample apps. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sample in ASP.NET.


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