Which one I should go with to implement zoom in existing application

Hi Zoom Developers,

We are currently using Twilio Server-Side SDK. Now as Twilio migration, we opted for Zoom. But we would like some help corresponding to our requirement. That is what and how we can use to fulfill our requirements.

Our application is about inspecting the property where one who inspects uses the web application and the property owner may use Android/IOS devices. Our main flow for Twilio calls is from the server side using the Spring boot application. the flow is like:

  1. We use Twilio room creation, fetching room status, room recording, and participants’ status from our server-side Spring boot application.
  2. Web React application utilizes our server-side application APIs and joins the room. likewise the Android and IOS applications.
  3. Also we have some webhooks in the Spring boot server-side application for room events.
  4. In our web application we also customized the UI using Twilio like our app logo in call, Q&A, and some more customizations.

Now My question is I am sticking to that implementation only and want to implement these requirements using Zoom so what I should use and how? remember most of the implementations are from the Spring boot in my existing application.

I look forward to the assistance ASAP Thanks.

Hi @moin.qureshi,

You should be able to replicate the following features:

  • Initialize session (create a room), retrieve session status, enable cloud recording, and obtain participant status. We have an extensive Video SDK API library to accomplish these tasks.
  • We also have a webhook library for near real-time notification set-up
  • Customizing your application UI can be done with the Video SDK

Please let me know if this helps you understand how to go about mimicking your process with Zoom’s Video SDK, or any other questions you may have.

Hi @rehema.zoom,

Thanks for assisting me. As I have server side spring boot application I see that I can only utilize the VideoSDK APIs that doesn’t have any API that will create or initialize a session. even though there is a webhook to get session start details the concern is how can I start/create a session?

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