Assistance require for Java SDK Support in Zoom Video SDK for Migration from Twilio

Hi Zoom Developer Community,

We currently use Twilio’s Java SDK for video call functionality in our Spring Boot application, and as Twilio’s video features are slated for deprecation, we are exploring the possibility of migrating to Zoom Video SDK.

Given that Twilio provides Java snippets and SDK support for seamless integration with maven dependencies, we are keen to know if Zoom Video SDK offers similar support for Java-based applications. Could you kindly share information on any Maven dependencies (Video SDK)? And may provide code snippets to help developers integrate Zoom Video SDK into a Java Spring Boot application.

I appreciate any guidance you can give for a smooth transition as soon as possible.

Hey @donte.zoom @jon.zoom @kellyjandrews @chunsiong.zoom ,

Please help me with this above query.

I am unaware of any Java/Spring Boot-specific code snippets. The typical server portion of a Video SDK app would create the JWT for authorization, and host the front-end code, along with any other application needs.

The Android VideoSDK package is hosted at Maven →

Let me know if this helps.

@moin.qureshi ,

The video SDK documentation contains Java and Kotlin code snippets.

If you’re looking for any specific code snippet, please inform us. We’ll be glad to share your feedback with the team.

In the meantime, you can also reference this Video SDK walkthrough, which uses Java:

@donte.zoom Thanks for your assistance. But as we can see, the Java code snippet in the above image is for an Android application not for Java’s Spring Boot (Backend Web application). I did lots of finding on it, Could you please suggest to me any ways to integrate and customize the Zoom Video functionality that Zoom Video SDK provides in the Java Spring boot application? As I already have Twilio integration in it.

Hi @moin.qureshi : We don’t have any documentation for java webapp integration at this moment. Are you expecting a complete java SDK package?

Is it possible for you to leverage our existing APIs and other web variants of the SDKs like purejs and reactjs?

Or if you are specific about springboot, is there any use-case you are looking particularly? I can give you snippets based on your use-case.

-Ajitha Yasmin,
Developer Advocate

Hi @ajitha3008
If we don’t have a package/jar specific for the Spring boot application. So is it possible to leverage all those functionality that Video SDK provide using APIs if it is could you please share with me the API that will meet the requirements? some of them are:

  1. Authenticating my application.
  2. Create/Start/End a Zoom room.
  3. Add a participant to the ongoing call.
  4. Getting Room status and details.
  5. Events, like Participant connected/disconnected, might be using my application webhooks.
  6. Providing authentication for specific users of a particular room.
  7. Fetch call recording and call details.

And is it possible to use this Zoom video SDK APIs in the Spring boot app if possible, so how can I authenticate?

Hello @ajitha3008,

I am looking forward to your assistance on the above last message.

Hi @moin.qureshi ,

Our functionality are mostly front end driven from any of the SDK flavours and not REST API driven. But we have APIs in SDK which can be invoked to achieve the above.

Are you using springboot for backend app or front end app?? If you are using springboot for backend, I believe you can use any of the web technologies like pureJS in the front end where you can integrate our SDK’s and use the functionality.

Usually, We write the JWT token generator module in backend and generate the token to be used by the front end apps built on top of our SDKs. Since we dont have a java SDK for webapp development, I recommend using java script (web) sdk’s.

For backend authorization module (JWT token generator) with java, you can refer following links: Video SDK - Authorize and Tutorial: Create and Verify JWTs in Java | Okta Developer

Let me know your challenges further. And happy to assist you.

-Ajitha Yasmin,
Developer Advocate

And yes, the link for APIs is correct: Zoom Video SDK API

There are limited set of REST APIs, but wide range of SDK methods to achieve the mentioned functionality.

-Ajitha Yasmin