Zoom App - problem with adding a domain to whitelist

We have successfully published our Zoom App - Linkando (App Marketplace) - some time ago. Now we need to add a new domain to the whitelist. Which we did, but it seems to affect only the Development version of the App, not the Production one. We need help to make it work in production.

Issue details
In order to make our app more reliable and performant, we are migrating to a multi-node environment. For this, we need to use Azure SignalR for real-time communication (websockets) between clients and the server. This is essential for our app. For that, we need to white-list *.service.signalr.net domain for our app.
However, after we added this domain to “Domain allow list” in the App settings, the domain is still being blocked in our production app. We get the following error when trying to access the the domain:
“403 Forbidden, domain or scheme is not allowed: https://fom-staging.service.signalr.net/aspnetclient/negotiate?clientProtocol…”

In the “Development” version of our app, whitelisting the domain seemed to help, and SignalR connections establish successfully now. But not on production. Re-installing the app doesn’t help either.

Is this a bug or expected behavior? Do we need to perform additional actions to get the new whitelisted domains into effect? Do we need to re-submit the app?


Hi @tkishkin

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!

If you want to whitelist a new domain to your published app, you will need to submit your app to for an Update Request with the Marketplace Team. This review is usually very smooth since it does not affect the functionality of your app.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Elisa!

To submit for Update Request, I need to use the “Submit” action on the app, just like we did for the original review for publishing the app, right?

After the update, will the the app be updated automatically and immediately for all users, or it will be a gradual process controlled by individual users?

Thanks again!

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@tkishkin On the marketplace side, the update is immediate for all users and will be applicable when they open the app next time.

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Thanks Evgeny. I will submit the app for the update request

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