Why does call to /meetings/{meeting_id}/registrants return 201 and response on local, but 200 and no response on remote server?

Endpoint I’m working with:


When I ping this endpoint from localhost, everything works fine. When I move the same code over to the remote server, I get 200 status with no response at all. Code has header with auth and bearer token. I went through all my credentials to ensure they hadn’t expired, there was no difference in code deployed to remote server - I even pull code to local and ran from there, and it worked perfectly.

I am posting a body with first name, last name, email and meeting id to the endpoint above.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @lshopeful2018 ,

Perhaps your issue is related to the Zoom IP addresses?


Hi, Gianni, thank you for the reply, and apologies for my delayed reply… turns out it was an SSL issue on our end. Thanks so much!

@lshopeful2018 , so happy it’s resolved!