Why does directsharestatuscallback pop up to enter the meeting number?

SDK info:
Electron Meeting SDK
win32 native sdk version:win_meetingsdk_5.11.11.8475_x86
mac native sdk version:universal_mac_meetingsdk_5.11.11.10564

When upgrading the SDK version, there is a problem with the calling process of the screen casting function, and the screen is shared in version 5.6

GetDirectShare → setDirectShareStatusUpdateCB → canStartDirectShare → startDirectShare

If in the callback DirectShare_Need_MeetingID_Or_PairingCode Then enter the screencast code, and then continue to call tryWithMeetingNumber,
But when DirectShare_Need_MeetingID_Or_PairingCode in version 5.11, the SDK pops up directly

This pop-up window cannot be closed directly, and the tryWithMeetingNumber API has no meaning. Why does this pop-up window appear in the callback? Shouldn’t it be provided to the developer whether to continue calling? Is this a deliberate design or a bug (in version 5.6, the window will not pop up directly), if it is a bug, can you provide a fixed version, because there is not much time for the SDK upgrade

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