Zoom macsdk electron cannot login

Once I could launch Electron App, I cannot go through auth with my SDK key and SDK secret.

I followed the instruction to enable RETS API and the mobile SDK to my account, but zoom_auth.js onAuthResult result I get 5, which is AUTHRET_UNKNOWN:5.

The app launch with Demo page with app key and app secret input fields, but cannot auth with it. I understand this is still in beta. but please guide us how to auth the client?

By the way, I could fix the following issue, adding empty Modules directory in both ZoomSDKChatUI.framework and curl64.framework. 



Hi Shin,

Please change the web domain to “zoom.us” instead of “dev.zoom.us


Thanks, Wei,

Changing the web domain make my SDK key and secrete to auth, and now I can proceed more investigation how to use this app.


Marking as solved.