getMeetingService returns null

getMeetingService is returning null in the below code:

- (void)startMeeting:(BOOL)appShare
 MobileRTCMeetingService \*ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
 if (ms)
 NSLog(@"ms Exists");

If I remove the if-statement I get a success code, but the meeting still doesn’t start:

NSLog(@"onMeetNow ret:%d", ret);
// Logs "onMeetNow ret: 0"


Here is my View Controller code:

Our MobileRTC should be authorized before you are trying to start/join a meeting. That means that you should wait for the SDKAuth response successfully, then you can start a meeting. Or the instance of meeting service will return nil.

Please refer to our MobileRTCSample.