Why suddenly cannot use the zoom web client sdk 1.9.5?

one week ago I downloaded the zoom web client sdk 1.9.5 and used it normally. today the 1.9.5 version cannot use anymore.

what happened?

no access zoom web sdk 1.9.5

Which Web Client SDK version?
version 1.9.5

All device

Hey @ian123 ,

How did you download 1.9.5? It is not available yet.


in zoom web sdk one week ago. When I open in developer sdk there was a new web sdk 1.9.5, so I downloaded it. Yesterday the sdk didn’t work anymore and when I checked again in developer sdk, the new sdk 1.9.5 link disappeared.

this was the link that I got in web sdk developer download :


Hi @ian123,

The latest version of the Web SDK is 1.9.1. If there are any new releases of the Web SDK, they will appear on the changelog page.

I’m not sure why you saw 1.9.5 on the marketplace since as Tommy said that hasn’t been released yet. Possibly just a bug or typo that was fixed.


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it also appeared on the changelog page. yeah, maybe that was bug.
but the 1.9.5 video sound was better than the 1.9.1 video sound.

I am waiting for new release of zoom web sdk solving the video sound. :pray:

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Hey @ian123 ,

Yes, please stay tuned here for the upcoming Web SDK release: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/stay-up-to-date/changelog


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