Zoom libs version difference when join by web browser from https://zoom.us and using zoom web client SDK latest 1.9.6

I found that if I join zoom meeting by a link on web browser, it is using library files from https://us02st1.zoom.us/web_client/umlcpk/js/av-sdk/ , they are quite difference with latest SDK version 1.9.6 with more features than link side by side mode, virtual background support,… So the question is: how can I use that version?


Which Web Client SDK version?

Hey @blytieu,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While the development of our Web SDK closely follows that of our Web Client it can take time for you to see the same features brought to the Web SDK.

We are always working to bring feature parity between the two products. Unfortunately, we don’t have a method to use those resources with the SDK.


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