Why would I be getting a code 7004 / not authorized, when calling /im/chat/messages/{message_id} when calling /im/chat/messages/ works just fine?

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Calling /im/chat/messages/{message_id} to EDIT or DELETE throws 7004 error (unauthorized)
Calling /im/chat/messages/ to POST a new message works just fine.

I am creating a chatbot, and I’m successfully able to create chatbot message. However, when I attempt to edit or delete a chatbot message, I get a 7004 / unauthorized error. I’ve confirmed I’m using “PUT” for editing and “DELETE” for delete, and that the botJID and accountID are all correct. I know the chatbot access token is good, because I’m using it to create messages. What could be the problem?

I get error in Postman or from the server I’m using.
“code”: 7004,
“message”: “Not authorized.”,
“result”: false

How To Reproduce
Just using the example data at Send, edit, and delete messages to delete a message. I use the messageID in the path as directed, use my chatbot access token, in Postman and get the error. I get the messageID from when I adjust an editable textfiled in the message, the webhook call for interactive_message_fields_editable has the messageID that i’m trying to delete and/or edit.

Can I not delete or edit messages with editable fields perhaps?

I figured out issue.

It seems to edit or delete the message, it (for me) requires the USER_JID even though the documentation says this is an “OPTIONAL” call.

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Hi @jonathon
Thanks for reaching out to us, for sharing your findings with us and also the solution!
I will communicate with our Docs team about this!