Why would you use "/" as one of the special characters allowed to generate a meeting or webinar UUID


Currently experiencing problems extracting the UUID from the Endpoint because one of the characters in the UUID is “/”.  As there are endpoints that could result in a webinar report, I had hoped to collect the UUID with a simple 'FIND webinars/ in the endpoint, then whatever is between that “/” and the next “/” is the UUID.

Perhaps stick to URL-safe characters for ID generation?


Wait, the UUID can have a ‘/’ in it?

I’ve never seen that occur but that would be catastrophic if I had that in my current project. Right now I was thinking of using strings to store those, but if ‘/’ is a valid character then…well I’m not sure what I can use to hold those?

Sure enough I did some testing and:

 "page\_count": 1,
 "page\_number": 1,
 "page\_size": 30,
 "total\_records": 1,
 "meetings": [
 "uuid": "jL7qHbcPROS0000G/J3D9Q==",
 "id": [Nah.],
 "host\_id": "[My ID so...nope]",
 "topic": "Mitch Shaw's Personal Meeting Room",
 "type": 4,
 "duration": 0,
 "timezone": "[nuh-uh]",
 "created\_at": "2018-03-15T20:43:52Z",
 "join\_url": "[Hah no]"

So yeah that’s…wow that’s a no-go.

Nice catch Amanda!


Hi Amanda & Mitch, 

Let me report this back to our Engineers to see what we can do with having the “/” within the UUID. 


Hi Amanda, 

Following up here, the Engineers will double encode UUID with “/” and the tentative release will be around November. 





Well, I did not really expect a response at all, I am grateful that you have looked into it.