Invalid characters in the UUID for meeting and webinars

I am trying to pull participants using the UUID for a meeting or webinar. All them work except for the ones that start “/” with or has “//” in the UUID somewhere.

When using a UUID that starts with “/” or has “//” in it, I get meeting not found using the API and in Postman.

Here are a couple of examples of the UUID.

Why are you using “/” in the UUID?
How to work around this?

Found out in my PowerShell code that I had to double encode if it contained “/”.

The problem is that when I am using Postman, I only have the UUID. :frowning:

Hi @aamarshall
This is a known issue and the workaround for this is to double encode the meeting UUID, you could use a tool such as

to double encode the meeting uuid and then use it in postman

Thank you.

I added the double encoding to my PS scripts.

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That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing your solution @aamarshall