Will my app get approved for marketplace?

I am a developer, developing a web app that allows people to schedule meetings with their clients and do team collaboration. This app is mainly for my resume and to show recruiters my ability. I won’t be adding new features to it and it doesn’t have a documentation or anything like that. But in order to make it’s ability to schedule meetings work, I will have to publish it as a marketplace app. Will my app be rejected if it does not having any documentation, not having a user base of the app (I will have myself as the user and any recruiter of mine that want to test the functionality of the site) and not adding any new functionalities in the future?

Hello @singhspratibha234 Thank you for your question. Due to very strict requirements, we will not be able to approve your without all the required information. You might want to look into the authorization url option Sharing Private and Beta Apps

Regards, Kwaku