Will production webhooks stop working if I generate secret token without republishing already published app

Wanted to know will zoom webhooks for published apps will stop working if I generate secret token and change development webhook URL’s. I just want to test development URL but it zoom app is asking me to validate the URL and generate the secret token.

I don’t want to hamper the working of current published app webhooks. Please clarify.

Hi @sidharth1
Thanks for reaching out to us!
This is a great question.
If you generate a new secret token, I would think that you would have to re-submit your app for review and users might need to reauthorize the app.
But I am not 100% sure about this.
Let me ask directly to the Marketplace team and will come back to you with an update.

Hello Elisa. Do you have any update regarding this topic? I have a published application, if I generate a secret token do I have to re-submit it?

Thank you.

Hi @juan.carcamo
Thanks for reaching out to us.
I just reached out to our Marketplace team to confirm this and they have told me that if you re generate a secret token in a published app, then you would have to resubmit your app for review.
Hope this helps!

Hi, Elisa,
Thank you for the info. Just to be sure, do the current users in the app need to re-authorize once the app is re-submited?

Of course @juan.carcamo
And yes, new current users would need to reauthorize

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