Will there be a light/lite version of the sdk

Meeting SDK Android/iOS v5.7.6.1918+ (Custom Background update)

Current versions: Android v5.11.3.7251, iOS v5.11.3.4099, Ionic v0.9

Is there a plan to provide a feature light version of the sdk to reduce file size?
Our software does not require or even enable the new background features yet these feature blot the software 200MB+ and for ionic a 400MB+.

We have implemented NDK:amiFilters removing the x86 architectures.
We have also implemented split builds.
After all of these tweaks and the increased complications on our MDM release pipeline, our apps are still more then triple our target size.

What kind of plans are in the pipeline to help users like us?

Perhaps a feature light version of the sdk’s or split feature binaries that would allow us to include only the features we require.

Play store is now also limiting apk sizes to 100MB.

When attempting to upload an app larger then this the message “You need to reduce your APK file size to 100MB or us APK Expansion Files” appears.

What is the best way to overcome this?