Windows Meeting SDK - Can’t Authenticate with Auth Param

Windows SDK C# Wrapper
Updated to the most recent Windows SDK. The following error is now visible. I read articles and discovered that it has been deprecated since 5.14.10

JWT token was used, but it failed to authenticate.

No call is made to Add_CB_onAuthenticationReturn.
Help us fix the problem, please.

Also discovered in several articles that JWT must be used in place of the SDK Key and Secret. However, I noticed a cautionary banner above my Zoom developer account. Take a look at the screenshot below.

I’m actually a little confused right now about what’s happening. Guide me, please.


JWT App Type is a different thing from JWT Token

We are deprecating the JWT App Type, which was typically used to

  • access REST API and
  • authenticate earlier version of Web SDK.

For your issue, you will need to sign a JWT Token using Meeting SDK App Type’s ClientID + ClientSecret

This JWT Token is used to authenticate your C# SDK. This is necessary as the AuthParam for SDKKey and SDKSecret has been removed.

A guide on how to sign this JWT Token can be found here Meeting SDK Auth

Hi I tried, creating jwt_token using the Meeting SDK App Type’s ClientID + ClientSecret, but still no call is made to Add_CB_onAuthenticationReturn .
Tried with both SDK and App credentials, still not authorizing.


The JWT Token is generated using the following C# code…

Is there anything to change here while generating jwt token

@saniltr , could you share a sample JWT token instead?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom,

Please find the sample JWT token below:

@saniltr ,

your iat, exp and tokenExp should be expressed in epoch time. current it is show as relative values

Here’s a sample. You can just ignore the role and mn


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