SDK returns error when calling SDKAuth(authParam)


I have updated the Meeting SDK from to
When I call the SDKAuth(AuthContext authParam) it returns SDKERR_SUCCESS, but the
event onAuthenticationReturn fires with AuthResult 11.

With v5.12, I passed in AuthParam param with my SdkKey and Secret and everything was ok.

I have verified my creation of jwt at… Nothing wrong there. No settings has been changed on the account.

I am running out of options here. Can anyone thell me what is wrong?

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from 5.14, you can only use JWT token to authenticate. The params to authenticate using SDKKey and SDKSecret directly is removed.

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I have done that changes. It return error as you can see in the original post.

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could you share your JWT token? an expired token is fine as well

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I followed the instruction on this page to create the jwt

An example is:

What is wrong with this?

Hi again. When can I expect an answer ?

@bm.erikstad please tag me in your reply to get my attention.

The JWT token you have provided looks ok.
Just to confirm, your appKey is taken from the ClientID found in your meeting SDK app type right?

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