Windows SDK - Can't Authenticate with Auth Param

Windows SDK C# Wrapper
Attempting to upgrade to Windows SDK C# Wrapper 5.14.10

We are in the process of beginning updating our application to be compliant with the minimum SDK version as of August 6th, 2023.

Previously, we were authenticating our SDK using our secret and key, using the AuthParam struct like this:

As you can see above, with the newer version of the SDK this no longer works, as the overload of the SDKAuth method to take in the AuthParam no longer works, and is requiring us to use AuthContext to pass a JWT token that we generate with our secret and key (If I understand correctly).

Where some confusion comes in is, the previous flow of our application looked like this:
Handle init and auth of the SDK at the launch of our application, and then check (and if needed, reauth) the SDK for any business logic involving Zoom.

Where some confusion sets in:
It looks like to join a meeting, we need to auth the SDK with a JWT token generated using the meeting ID of the meeting we want to join. If that is true, how does authentication work for non-Zoom meeting functionality?

For example:
We utilize the Zoom SDK to manage audio/video devices while out of a meeting, how do we generate and authenticate the JWT without a meeting number?

authparam has been removed in 5.14.10

For JWT token generation, meetingNumber is only required when you are using it for Web SDK. If you are using it for Windows SDK, it is not needed

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