Windows meeting sdk custom ui on 4k resolution

We are using CustomizedUI and currently create a handle of VideoContainers each of which holds a VideoRenderElement.
When users join the meeting, we subscribe these users to the available VideoRenderElements.
We display 25 user videos per page in the window.
The screen resolution we use is 3840x2160!!!

First issue:
Create 25 INormalVideoRenderElement object, and subscribe to the first page of the video, the first page in addition to individual users video shows don’t come out seems to be no problem.
When turned over to page two,reuse the previously created 25 INormalVideoRenderElement, and unsubscribe on previously user’s video streaming, subscribe to new users. But on the second and third pages there will be a portion of the video stream that belongs to the previous user.

Second issue:
Create 25 INormalVideoRenderElement object per page and subscribe users’s video streaming. When turn to the second page, and then cancel the subscription, and destroy INormalVideoRenderElement, again create INormalVideoRenderElement again for new users. However, there was also a problem with a maximum of 34+1 video streams displayed. Later user videos won’t show up, just the name.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
I have tried zoom-SDK-windows-5.5.12511.0422, zoom-SDK-windows- and zoom-SDk-windows-5.2.42037.1112, all of which have this problem!!!

Below is a screenshot of First issue:


  • Screen resolution: [3840x2160]
  • OS: [Windows 10]

Additional context
Screen resolution: [3840x2160]

Hey @chengjianxi,

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It sounds like what could be happening is the SDK is trying to subscribe to the new video stream before the unsubscribe event has fully completed. If that is what is happening, then the SDK will think you are oversubscribing. Is it possible that you are calling subscribe too quickly after calling unsubscribe?


I don’t think that’s what caused it.

  1. When I adjusted the resolution to below 2K and 16 users per page, the SDK had no problems with the above two.
  2. I tested unsubscribe for 1 minute and then turn to the next page and still have the same problem.

Hey @chengjianxi,

Can you reproduce once more and email me your SDK logs to Please mention my name and a link to this post in your email.


where is the log path?

Hey @chengjianxi,

The logs will be written to %appData%/roaming/ZoomSDK.


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