Windows Video SDK session not starting, but no callbacks or error information

We have a existing, working integration of the iOS Video SDK, and we are now working on a Windows version. As far as I can tell, I have reproduced the same API calls and JWT token generation which work on iOS, but they don’t work on Windows.

Calling joinSession() returns a non-null pointer, however none of our delegate/listener callbacks are ever called, and isInSession() persistently returns false. So it is not connecting, but no error information is available.

I’m using SDK v1.3.1 in Windows 10.

Would really appreciate help from the dev team on this - at the moment, the Windows SDK is unusable for us.

Hi James, I have just tested on my local with the Video SDK v1.3.3 both iOS and Windows works fine. Do you mind to share me the JWT token you generated, help me to make sure it has longer expiry, say by this week? BTW: does your JWT token work with you in the demo app comes with the SDK for Windows?

Hi Bruce,

I’ve attached the code I’m using to initialize the SDK, generate a JWT token and join a session. Here’s an example token from this morning:


I may have overlooked a way to query error information, but the behavior is I don’t get any errors at all, either from API returns or delegate callbacks. None of my IZoomVideoSDKDelegate callbacks are called. I do get regular IZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioSpeaker callbacks after calling joinSession, but the PCM contains silence.

FYI since posting this bug we’ve activated premier dev support, so I’ll post the same information on my ticket there.

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