Windows Zoom SDK Participants count are mismatch to actual Participants


i’m using zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master (latest release)

  1. Getting mismatch participants count from actual participants 

  2. Also getting duplicate participants 

  3. After join multiple participants meeting start buffer or reconnecting 




did you means you get the wrong count of the participants via our sdk api? 





Yes, i’m getting wrong count of the participants via zoom windows SDK (zoom-c-sharp-wrapper) API.

  1. Also getting duplicate participants 

  2. After join multiple participants meeting start buffer or reconnecting 





i can’t reproduce this issue in my local. so could you help to check your code, did you add callback event twice in your code. or you can try to use our c++ demo to reproduce this problem. 




Hello Dats,

Can you please check below scenario in zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-master -> zoom_sdk_demo

first put debug point on onUserJoin callback and run

after that start 1 meeting and end (don’t stop app execution just end meeting) than again start 2nd meeting you will get 2 times onUserJoin callback trigger and so  on

and same scenario for onInviteBtnClicked

note : i’m calling RegisterCallBack() every time before start and join meeting function calls same in demo ( Ex. Start(param) and Join(param))

Thank You.