Windows Zoom SDK Remote Control Request Dialog


I am writing an app that will allow a remote user to automatically get accepted when they request remote control. This is because my app uses other methods to authenticate users before the meeting even starts.

When I request remote control and receive that request from the computer i want to be controlled, a dialog appears asking the compute owner if they want to allow it or decline it.

I would like to suppress that dialog. In my code I have already allowed the remote control and the requesting user is able to control the remote computer. The problem is that this dialog is hidden from the controlling user and yet causes that part of the screen that the dialog covers to be inaccessible.

How can I suppress showing that accept / decline dialog in the windows zoom sdk?


Hi Andrew, 

if you want to surpass this dialog, please take a look at API: virtual viod IMeetingConfiguration::EnableApproveRemoteControlDlg(bool bEnable)

default is enabled, if you disabled it, please hanlde the onRemoteControlStatus callback event.