Winsdk apiuserstart() meetingnumber

I installed the zoom application on my phone.
I ran the application.
With the meeting_number of the application, I am building the current winsdk project and can start / join the session.

However, (in the development environment)
I open the application from the “A” computer and get token information.
I cannot connect from my computer to the “A” computer with the meeting_number in this ssoToken information.

my APIUserStart() codes,

bool CDemoUI::APIUserStart()
if (!m_editMeetingNumber || !m_editUserId
|| !m_editUserToken || !m_editUserName
|| !m_editAccessToken || !m_pMeetingServiceMgr)
return false;

std::wstring alltoken,password,meetingNumber,token,userId,userName;
std::int32_t alltokenLength = 10;

alltoken = _T("zoomapp:o=join&p=be0c5c&m=774551485&t=Y9MSmVok-oLhQeRJui38QkKJFNNHGJ-m7cWz-5gvx_c.CAQAAAFpubrjXgAnjQBMMHdzVEFzQ1dEVjJHUGs0Y1IyaW9EZjZOZ2xqQ0lsMnEvZzZScGpJT3Q5bUowQzJHS29vYXZLZ0w1QW9PMXV5YXNDTHBucEU4NGpNPSBVRjY5NFJiT0RUa3I5eG9tcEhWcWFqNHVjSzFWR0thNgAA");

alltokenLength = alltoken.length();
password = alltoken.substr(17,23);
meetingNumber = alltoken.substr(26,35);
token = alltoken.substr(38, alltokenLength - 38);
userId = _T("123");
userName = _T("Test User");

if (meetingNumber.length() <= 0  
	|| userId.length() <= 0 
	|| token.length() <= 0 
	|| userName.length() <= 0) {

	return false;

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::StartParam startParam;
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::StartParam4APIUser& apiUserStartParam = startParam.param.apiuserStart;
apiUserStartParam.userID = userId.c_str();
apiUserStartParam.userToken = token.c_str();
apiUserStartParam.meetingNumber = _wtoi64(meetingNumber.c_str());
apiUserStartParam.userName = userName.c_str();
apiUserStartParam.isAudioOff = true;
apiUserStartParam.isVideoOff = true;
startParam.param.apiuserStart = apiUserStartParam;

return m_pMeetingServiceMgr->Start(startParam);

I can share more code.
Help me.

Hi alicanaygor,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. The SSO token can be only used to login, it cannot be used to start/join meeting. If you would like to start/join meeting without login, you would need to retrieve auth tokens from Zoom API. Our doc explains the concept of start/join meeting without login. Please note that if you use token to start meeting, you cannot change the userID. This is because you would need the userID to retrieve token, if the token and the userID does not match at the time you start the meeting, you will not be able to start a meeting. Also, please use the ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::StartParam4WithoutLogin constructor to setup the parameters to start a meeting.

You can refer to the line 542-552 in the file login_sdk_login_UI.cpp in our latest Windows SDK demo app for the detail of starting/joining a meeting without login.


Hi alicanaygor,
Thanks for the reply. Regarding your question, if you are referring to our “sdk_demo_v2” demo app, at the time you press the ‘Join Meeting’ button, the pop-up is not asking for re-logged in, it is asking for the meeting number, meeting password, the ‘username’ is the display name in the meeting.

Hope this helps. Thanks!