SDK C# wrapper can't start any Meeting

After the JWT auth new screen comes up “start_join_meeting” which has fields

  1. UserName
  2. UserID(start meeting)
  3. AccessToken
  4. MeetingNumber

I don’t know where to get all these values to get started in C# wrapper SDK?

Windows Client SDK version = zoom-c-sharp-wrapper-5.4.54802.0124

How may I get the main screen (meetings etc) of Zoom from this SDK?

Hey @farhan_amin12l,

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If you are trying to join a meeting you can simply provide the UserName and Password. The Username is just the name you would like to display in your meeting, the meeting number can be obtained from the meeting settings on the other device in the meeting or in the invitation information.

If you are trying to start a meeting you need the UserName (same as before), UserID (This is the user’s Zoom email address or Zoom UserID), and AccessToken. The AccessToken is a token that must be generated through the RESTful API: The MeetinNumber will be generated for you in this case.

The easiest way to get to the main screen is to start a meeting on another device and get the meeting number then provide it to the SDK and click the join button.


Thanks for your reply.
Actually I want to run the C# wrapper in a same way as we can run Desktop SDK (C++).
but after the JWT input C# Demo goes to a screen which ask for the AccessToken.
when I use the RESTful API to get the Token then it require:
userid and $$.env (oauth_access_token)
if I provide email in userid and press button Get Access Token, a popup comes with the following fields required:

Client ID*
Client Secret*
Authorize URL*
Access Token URL*
Client Authentication

now again I don’t have any Client ID and Client Secret. where to get them?

Hey @farhan_amin12,

I see :slight_smile: To be able to use the RESTful API you need to set up another application in your Zoom Marketplace. Right now you already have an “SDK App”, but there is also an option to create a “JWT App”. If you create one of those, there will be a key and secret at the end (similar to the SDK client key and secret). The JWT that is provided on that page is made from that client key and secret and can be used to call the RESTful API requests.


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