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It would be fantastic if there was a plugin of some kind that connected to a wordpress site. So for example, if running regular zoom calls and conferences, people could just visit the website and connect in other ways too.

Just to be clear, the chat window would be live in the webpage (much like a youtube live or twitch livestream or twitter periscope or instagram live)

This would be fantastic and definitely make our users of whom some are not so familiar with tech, just to visit our page and it’s all live right there.

In terms of connections, if you have a limit, i’m not a programmer but if the account connected has reached their limit in connections from the said webpage, then a notice to those new connections that they are unable to see due to too many connections. The person with the account would find out, it may be an incentive to go to a paid plan too, so you win that way as well.

And just in case, wordpress is a huge HUGE part of the web. The info below was taken from Google.

74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress. That’s one site per person in Turkey. Around 50% of this figure (close to 37 million) is hosted on the free WordPress.com. In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts for 18.9% of all websites.7 Feb 2014

Hi Vijay,

I’m trying to understand your request. Is this for Zoom meetings? Because zoom meetings are not designed to be live streamed

Maybe I had the wrong idea. I understand, I think I need something more live stream focussed. Thanks for the quick response and even quicker answer to what I was hoping to do.

We have webinars that have a live streaming option, for YouTube and Facebook live.

And now you’ve brought my attention back lol. How do I do that?


Guys, I found a very useful plugin for WordPress, you may want to explore further on this.


I am yet to explore the integration, excited as well.

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Here is another plugin for Zoom WordPress Integration. See if this could help you acheieve what you’re looking for.


Thanks for sharing these @NetEnrich_Operations and @elearningevolve! :slight_smile:


These are starting to spring up everywhere, and old-school WP event plugins are starting to add Zoom features. I’ll post a good roundup in a couple days.

For now, take a look at this one. It’s the only fully zoom-native event calendar that adds a visual UI on top of Zoom. Also works with in-person events and hybrid in-person/online/livestreamed all in the same platform. As we begin to open up live venues, again, this will cover both.

It’s EventAgent.ai.

As promised, here’s the roundup

Those plugins take a different approach than the ones mentioned elsewhere in this thread, which are more about getting the zoom web client embedded in your site. Thing is, few people use the web client.

These plugins are full-featured event managers that started with in-person events and have added online features. If you’re looking for an event management platform, it’s crucial to bet on one that offers flexibility between online, in-person, hybrid online/in-person and in-person/livestream. When it comes to gathering together in groups, no one knows how or when we will be doing it a year from now.

Hope that list helps!

Thanks for sharing this @alden! :slight_smile:


Hey @gam.ashok.dudhat,

See my answer to your reply here:



Sure, We will do it in next version.

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Happy to help and thanks for doing OAuth! :slight_smile:


@tommy, We added OAuth Flow. For the details can you please check the above link or our zoom knowledge area or our demo.

Can you please add in Zoom App Marketplace? if you need anything then please let me know.


Hey @gam.ashok.dudhat,

Yes, I will chat with you privately.


Yes, sure. I am waiting for it.

Hey @gam.ashok.dudhat,

Let’s move this conversation over to developersupport@zoom.us.


hope this seamlessly zoom integration with WordPress / Woocommerce, this will help you.