New-be ...where to start and what API is best

I am a newbe at zoom development, but extremely experienced in PHP/JavaScript and all the PC based languages.

I have designed and built a custom plugin that displayed recorded video for review by sports judges. I would like to upgrade that plugin so that a live feed from the same website is used. Only one login would be needed for the judge and user. That from the website and the plugin controls which “meeting feed” would be used, in place of the one pre-recorded video feed, I presently used.

I do this programmaticly with a iframe containing a video source.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
That is the question. The environment is Wordpress.

Additional context
The audience on this site is NOT by any means technical. They have problems with all thing that are not equestrian related. Thus I have built a site that uses technology yet fits into their world. I would like to add streaming live video instead of recorded video.

BUT, and this is a massive BUT, THEY ARE SIMPLY NOT GOING TO UNDERSTAND A SEPARATE LOGIN. Logging into the website needs to be only login required. My plugin software does the verification and automatically links to the correct “meeting”. based on the role and event assigned to them. In this case a “meeting” is essentially an event to the system.

Both attendees of the event, will be using the website as the only means for streaming the live video and viewing.

SO…Which API is best to use?? Are there any limitations that I need to know about.

I lease the dedicated server, on Linux environment and am run a WordPress site. PHP version is 8.0 or above. MySQL is 5.7

Need someone to point me in the right direction and offer any sample code that is similar to my objectives.

Hi @virtualhorsesport,

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If you’re looking to embed the Zoom Meeting experience on your site, you will most likely want to use a combination of both our APIs and SDK to accomplish this.

Please see this thread for a bit of an overview on how to get started and let me know if this information helps:


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