Workspace Reservation Missing APIs


I am implementing the Zoom workspace reservation workflow similar to that of the Zoom web portal in my custom app with the help of Zoom Workspace APIs.

The Reservation part works fine. However, I would want to filter all the available rooms based on a Time slot and other filter criteria like Room Capacity, Devices, etc like they do on the zoom portal.

As per the API documentation, there is an API that fetches workspace availability but it requires a workspace_id. This API only returns the booked slots for One workspace.

GET /workspaces/{workspaceId}/reservations

My Question:

  1. Is there an API that takes in the parent location id, date-time range and returns all the available workspaces under that parent_location_id in that date-time range?
  2. I did not find any API that returns the Zoom room’s total capacity or number of people it can accomodate. However, this feature is implemented on the Zoom portal. Is there any API documented elsewhere other than the above-mentioned link which returns the zoom capacity?

Any leads are appreciated.

Thank you