Zoom Rooms Reservation via API

I’m trying to reserve a Zoom room using the API but I couldn’t find the endpoint for the following action.
I was able to create a Zoom meeting but didn’t succeed to reserve a Zoom Room.

Is there an option to do that action? If so, can you please share the documentation about it? I searched a lot for that but couldn’t find something.


I’ve cobbled a quick test together, and you can create a reservation using this documented endpoint:

Under Zoom Rooms API, select Workspaces and the “POST: Create a reservation” endpoint.

Note, this requires you to get the workspace_ID of the room, not the ID, nor the Room_ID.
Also as the workspace type is listed as "Room", you must provide the details in the meeting object of the schema (this is listed on the docs, but I missed it at first)

Have a play around, hope it helps you!

Edit: spelling.

Hi Philip,
Thank you for your response.
Im trying to create an OAuth Zoom app because I’m built connection does not met the scopes for the following endpoint that you shared with me.
I encounter the following error while trying to install the app:

OAuth authorization failed

Unknown/invalid shared account with id =